PC Games: Bumper Wars

Bumper Wars:Repack 170mb (Iso)


  • Simple, accessible concept
  • Easy to learn (steering wheel and gas pedal are the only controls)
  • Challenging to master
  • Addicting game-play
  • Lots of animated bells and whistles
  • Humor, non-stop action, surprises and suspense
  • 4 fantasy-themed bumper car arenas featuring large pinball-style bumpers, lighting power-up buttons and animated pop-up targets the give gameplay the feel of first-person pinball
  • Damage meter which tick lower each time a car is struck. When it hits zero, the car explodes!
  • 2 game options: Demolition Derby and High Score
  • Power up features such as invisibility, flaming exhaust, oil slick, goofy gas, emergency lift-off and sticky tar can be purchased at the custom shop
  • Pinball features such as pop-up targets, flippers, light-up buttons, high speed pinball launch
  • Players can design and customize their own arenas

Bumper Wars:Repack 170mb (Iso)

Bumper Wars:Repack 170mb (Iso)


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