PC Games: Bumper Wars

Bumper Wars:Repack 170mb (Iso)


  • Simple, accessible concept
  • Easy to learn (steering wheel and gas pedal are the only controls)
  • Challenging to master
  • Addicting game-play
  • Lots of animated bells and whistles
  • Humor, non-stop action, surprises and suspense
  • 4 fantasy-themed bumper car arenas featuring large pinball-style bumpers, lighting power-up buttons and animated pop-up targets the give gameplay the feel of first-person pinball
  • Damage meter which tick lower each time a car is struck. When it hits zero, the car explodes!
  • 2 game options: Demolition Derby and High Score
  • Power up features such as invisibility, flaming exhaust, oil slick, goofy gas, emergency lift-off and sticky tar can be purchased at the custom shop
  • Pinball features such as pop-up targets, flippers, light-up buttons, high speed pinball launch
  • Players can design and customize their own arenas

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PC Games: The Palace Builder (104 MB)


In 18th century France, you are a young, unknown architect looking for your big break and a chance to impress the Queen. In this building Simulation game, set in the romantic upper class world of French aristocracy, you will design and manage the construction of the most beautiful structures in the kingdom. Will your work attract the attention of the Queen, or will a secret destroy your chances for fame and fortune? Find out in The Palace Builder!

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