PC Games: Jacked

Jacked (PC/Eng/Portable)


  • Bike Jacking Jump onto your rivals bikes during the race to hijack them
  • Weapons Use a variety of weapons including shotguns, tazers, clubs, grenades and flaming Molotov Cocktails
  • Race through 24 tracks, from the city streets to urban wastelands to mountain peaked highways
  • 8 Two-player tracks with two game modes: Race and Gang Battle
  • 18 high performance bikes that can be jacked and ridden to speeds of up to 300km/h
  • 6 playable Characters
  • 7 game modes
  1. Race – Race and fight to gain the best position
  2. Jack It – Jack the bike before you run out of road
  3. Time Attack – Break the lap-time
  4. Gang Battle – Help your gang to score points against rivals
  5. Drop Out – Last biker is eliminated at the end of each lap
  6. Survival – Try to survive while all the bikers attack you
  7. Timed Assault – Jack, knock or shoot enemies off their bikes

System Requirements:

  • Operating System : XP
  • Video Card : 32MB
  • Ram : 128GB
  • CPU : 800 GHz


1. Hotfile

2. Fileserve

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